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< Practical Philosophy of Tao
For schools and individuals.

At long last a book that explains in simple terms what the philosophy is, how it began and what symbols are used and what they represent. Illustrated and large text, ideal for school teachers or anyone who teaches Taoist Arts. Available world-wide.
ISBN-10: 0954293207 / Amazon USA
< Tai Chi Diet: Food for life.

For the first time an author and practitioner has combined the ancient Taoist knowledge of food, diet and health with facts about nutrition, vitamins and minerals. This book may shock you at first, but this best seller has changed the lives of many people who suffered from a poor diet. There’s no “fads” just pure common sense and over a thousand years of knowledge, combined. Contains a “Special Needs” too.
ISBN-10: 0954293282 / Amazon USA
Qigong & Baduanjin >

The author has studied the Arts of Qigong (Ch’I Kung) for many years and has presented one version that is in 3 forms; basic standing, advanced and seated versions. These are presented and illustrated in full for those with a good knowledge of Qigong. While helping those who are studying, or simply wish to have another view, Qi and Qigong are explained simply and in “plain English”.
ISBN-10: 0954293223 / Amazon UK
Kung Fu - The Way of Heaven & Earth >

This book began life as a manual for students in the 80’s. Since then it has been filled out with extra history, background, philosophy of Kung Fu and general background of the school, T’ien Ti Tao. Recommended reading for students of this school.
ISBN-10: 0954293266
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Cha Dao (The Way of Tea): Solala Towler is an instructor of Daoist meditation and of several styles of Qigong, including Soaring Crane Qigong, Essence Qigong, and Wuji Qigong. He has studied the Daoist arts for over 20 years, and has led many tours to China to visit the sacred mountains and temples of Daoism. He is the author of 12 books on Qigong and the Daoist arts. / Buy it Here Link