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Welcome to our help site for all those interested in health, fitness and self-defence. Here you will find the most basic information you need, links, media references and much more. We hope that you both enjoy and benefit from this. Love & Peace.

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Way of Heaven & Earth School (Norwich). This school was developed over 30+ years and was fully tested and accepted by Chinese authorities (ICKF) as “Genuine traditional Chinese Arts”; c.1988. A holistic syllabus with many health and fitness benefits.

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Books, e-books and beautiful photo-prints.

Book subjects include Tao, Taoist Arts - Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Kung Fu, etcetera, some fiction or semi-fiction as well as factual books. Videos may be produced later.


CRYSTAL TAI CHI (Gloucestershire).
Authorised instructor for T'ai Chi for Arthritis & Back Pain, T'ai Chi for Diabetes, Tai Chi for Osteoporosis & Falls Prevention and T’ai Chi for Energy programs. Specialist with Care Homes and Rehab. Plus Traditional Taiji, Jian & Fan Forms.

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We can recommend the above sites. Please be polite and patient when enquiring as Instructors are usually very busy!

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China Wudang Academy ***

Natural Health Pharmacy  (Norwich)

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Chinese Medicine (Wiki)

Links & “*“: 1=Modern, ** = Traditional, *** = Both.

Daoist ‘Community Awake’

Dr Paul Lam’s Tai Chi for Health;

International & Training.

Instructor | Training

Become a recognised Instructor in: T’ai Chi Ch’uan, Tai Chi for Health, Pa Tuan Chin Ch’i Kung, Taoist Kung Fu or Taoist K’ai Men Yoga.

In-class and personal “levels” training sessions available in Norwich. Not a hurried course; patience is a requirement for good skills. (Enquire)

T’ai Chi Ch’uan - Wikipedia

Martial Arts Insurance & Help

T’ai Chi Medical Research - 01

Wudang Dao - Shih-fu Li ***

Swimming Dragon T’ai Chi - South Wales.
Sun Family Styles/Bagua/Xing-I/Taiji. plus Tai Chi for Health - Five Elements Form, etc.  Sun Style Tai Chi Association of Wales.
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“Wudang Kung-fu is an important style of Chinese martial arts and has a very long history. Wudang Kung-fu comprises many training methods designed for keeping healthy and prolonging one's life while at the same time gaining many effective fighting skills. It is not just a school of martial arts, rather a complete system for both self defence and health preservation.

Wudang Kung-fu cannot be separated from Daoist culture. Wudang Kungfu has its roots in the fertile soil of the thousands of years' ancient Chinese civilization. It contains ancient Chinese philosophical theories, combining the traditional concepts of Taiji, Yin and Yang, Wu Xing (Five Elements), and Ba Gua (Eight Trigrams) with boxing theory, boxing skills, training principles and attack strategies. Wudang Kung-fu is a way of studying the laws of life and nature. One may say that Wudang Kung-fu is the crystallisation of the Daoist exploration of life.”
                                        Shih-fu Chen - Wudang
Life Force Books. Top quality books on linked subjects, like T’ai Chi Ch’uan, Taoist Philosophy, Long Life Diet and more besides. The book ‘Tai Chi Diet: food for life is one of their best sellers, world-wide, ‘Qigong & Baduanjin’ second.
“Taking steps is easy, taking the right steps is paramount.”
Zhong Hua Si Mian Ba Fang Tong Bei Quan. This is an ancient style of Chinese Boxing that many thought  was lost. Shih-fu Mike Farr from Cardiff was lucky enough to stumble across it while working in China. He now teaches in UK.